Our new website!

Emma Lambert and Jo Dysart were fortunate to have attended a web design “ImpactNPO” weekend where IT volunteers get to spend 15 minutes with a “Not for Profit Organisation” to ask questions and make their choice of which group/organisations they are interested in working with.  Once decided with whom they will work the weekend is then spent working alongside the Organisations with the sole purpose of redesigning or addressing the IT issues of that particular organisation. It was an invaluable weekend for HDAA as we have reaped the rewards with a more exciting and updated website – invaluable cost saving weekend.

impactnpo team
Our amazing team!

New website address for the meantime is www.HDAuckland.com (which you will have found if you’re reading this!)

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Updated logo

Chris Malcolm is applying for a new domain as there was an issue with the current one, so we will keep you updated!

ImpactNPO is a small organisation that looks to create big change! Have a look at impactNPO.org, or at their meetup page http://www.meetup.com/impactNPO/ if you want to see some of the work they do!

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