2015 Special Meeting

Our AGM/Special General Meeting was a great success, a big thank you goes to those who attended.
It is with much appreciation to those who put their hand up to join the committee. I would also personally like to take the opportunity to thank the committee members for giving up their valuable time once more and for bringing to our meetings their individual expertise. So thank you one and all.
Due to the committee and their dedication we have had a successful year, notable changes have taken place which have had a huge impact on the Huntington’s community.

Due to previous feedback we held a successful Carer’s Day on the 5th December at Quality Hotel, Lincoln Green, Henderson. This was an informative learning session, the carer’s who attend, enjoy getting together, sharing experiences and generally catching up.

Unfortunately, we have not as yet been able to secure funding for a carer’s retreat,



but! We have not given up, so….

sourced from http://www.dancehq.co.uk/blog/the-cottier-dance-project/
sourced from http://www.dancehq.co.uk/blog/the-cottier-dance-project/


A demonstration on the practicality of wearing a personal medical alarm was given to the Carer’s who attended the day …………
An alarm enables one to feel safe in one’s own home, which means peace of mind for oneself and for one’s family. The alarm enables people to still have the freedom to live as one likes, but if something happens then there is the comforting notion that help can be arranged for the exact assistance needed.

A great big thank you for the wonderful and informative demonstration. Thank you.